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Coffee with India is a leading informative portal publishing news and updates of India, and many other information. By using this website, the users or visitors or readers agree to this terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are formed to guide users with the appropriate use of the website and the information posted therein. The terms and conditions are also providing guidelines to the contributing authors on our website

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Coffee with India is a team of talented writers and editors. It also invites bloggers who are interested in contributing their contents to the website. We suggest users should read our website only with a view to enhance their knowledge and information.

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Coffee with India will be publishing information of the contributing authors on the website and request writers to provide only true information. We also hold right to modify or remove or deny any content if we feel so. We will not inform or send any prior notice to the author related to it.

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Coffee with India is launched with a sole purpose of providing information to our users. We are posting information from various writers of the industry. Though we try our best to provide true information, we do not stand guarantee for the 100% preciseness of the contents. The users of the website are advised to read the content only for information purpose. The users are also not allowed to republish the content anywhere else.

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The contents published on Coffee with India.com are presented in text or images or audio-visuals or graphic form. All these contents are the sole property of the website Coffee with India.com and its owners. Users do not hold any right to change or modify or sell and reproduce this content without prior written permission of the website owners.

The website or the website owners are not liable to verify and review and correct the information contributed by the individual independent contributing authors and ghost writers.

The website tries to publish contents only of well experienced writers. But the website also does not stand any guarantee for any expertise, experience, and qualification of the contributor.

The authors are independent writers and not employed by Coffee with India. Coffee with India is not liable for any inaccuracy in the content given by any author. If any author submits plagiarised or copied content, it will be solely the writer’s responsibility. In such case, the consequences will be diverted to the writer.

If any user is relying on the information on our website for his personal use without verifying, we will not be liable for doing so.

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The users should not use our website to harm or try to harm minors. The website should not be used by the users to impersonate as an author or employee of the website. The user will not indulge in any activity that disrupts the way other users use our websites.

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Our Rights for Eliminating | Modifying Contents

We, Coffee with India hold sole discretion to publish, modify, and eliminate contents at any time.

We hold right to take legal measures if the contributed content is violating our terms and conditions and intellectual property rights and local and international regulations.

In the case of such violations, the author of the content abides by the law to disclose his or her personal identity and information and to take responsibility for the content.

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