Privacy Policy

Coffee with India takes care of the user’s privacy. Hence, this privacy policy is formed with regard to the use of our website by the users. The website Coffee with India allow users to browse and use our website for informative purpose. The use of the website does not compel users to share or submit their personally identifiable data on a mandatory basis. Any personal data submitted by the users are submitted only with their own free will. The website Coffee with India does not intend to reveal or sell or distribute such data to any party.

However, Coffee with India automatically collects some information of non-personal nature when the users browse our website. Such non-personal information is like settings of the systems and IP address.

The personal data are given only voluntarily by the users.

Advertisers and Third Party Affiliates

The website will be permitting the third parties or affiliates to display their contents or advertises or links to various pages. The privacy policies of the third parties are different and Coffee with India is not liable for their policies. The users should get engage with the third party links on our websites with their own will and their own risk. We will not be responsible when the user is availing or buying product or service from the third party affiliates on our websites. In such case, users are recommended to check the third party’s policies, terms, and conditions.

Google will be enabling its advertises on our website for the users through DART cookies. Users can deny DART cookies on their system by visiting this link.


Our website Coffee with India also uses analytics to collect certain browsing information. However, this data is only for research and tracking of statistics and traffic data. This information will be purely of non-personal nature and does not pose any risk of privacy to the users of our website.

We are not liable for the data collected by the third party advertisers and affiliates present on our website. Users may refer to their separate privacy policies published on their individual websites if needed.


Though our website does not use cookies, the third party advertisers and affiliates might use cookies or beacons. We have no control over the policies of these sites directly or indirectly. We do not guarantee any assurance for the information collected by them. If the user feels, he/she can disable the cookies from their browser settings.

Coffee with India is also not liable if the users are giving any personal details to the third party advertiser or analytical partners on our website. Users can do so at their own free will and their own risk.

As our website will be having Google Adsense as a third party advertiser, users can check its privacy policies here.

As for other affiliates and advertisers, users should check their privacy policies before using their websites or services.

Policy for Minors

Though it is impossible to control who uses our website, we are extremely concerned if there are minors on our website. Any individual below 18 years should browse our website under the supervision and guidance of their parent or guardian. We also recommend all the elders to monitor the minors under their purview if they are using our website. No portion or content of our website is meant to attract individuals under 18 for any wrong purpose.

If we notice that any personally identifiable information submitted is of the individual below 18, we will immediately remove it from our records whenever it comes to our attention.

However, the internet is a crucial matter. It is absolutely impossible to tap all the details of our users. Hence, we recommend all the parents, teachers, and elders to keep the children under supervision as they are online on our site.

As said above, we will not be disclosing personal information like address, and email address of any user. But Coffee with India will have to submit such information if it is forced and required by the law to do so.

This privacy policy is written to educate the users about the information they will be sharing while browsing our websites. If users notice any kind of objection to our privacy policy, they may not use our website.

The privacy policy is subject to change and revisions as per sole discretion of the owners of this website. We will not be sending any notification to any user while changing or updating this policy.

If any user has any query or complaint with any matter related to our website, he/she may send us an email and contact us.