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Coffee with India  connects you to the world of information. The blog is an initiative by professional bloggers as an attempt to provide news from all around the country. The information will also acquaint our readers with the top-notch must know information about the world.

Coffee with India is dedicated to quench the thirst for information and knowledge for our citizens. The world is shrinking with the advancements of digital technology and we take this opportunity for benefits of our visitors. As the name suggests, Coffee with India is launched keeping India and its people in mind. The website is focused on providing all the trending information and topics. But that is not where it gets restricted. The website offers details and figures on the most important happenings of the past as well. No one is complete without knowing one’s history and that is why we also bring best information related to political, economical, and social history of India.

Keeping in mind our youngsters, we are also posting regularly on latest news on job recruitments and career. Our aim is to become one of the leading online platform to access all types of news related to different categories including fashion, lifestyle, politics, technology, and much more. While we write about news, fashion or any other topic, quality is our prime concern. We try our best to offer right information and details without favouring or debating for any entity.

To be more specific, we inform you the topics you will be reading at our website.

Well, this does not mean we will not be touching other topics. Anything that interests our information-thirsty people, you might get it here at coffeewithindia.com.

Though we will be posting regularly about the latest news and overall scenario of our country, we would like to clarify that we are an independent portal and not connected to any news agency or media channel. The information we present are however gathered from the authorized resources.

The team of our editors and authors are capable to keep you informed about various categories and we will continue hiring new bloggers and writers to the ever growing need of valuable information. If you want to write for us, you can send us an email.